Saturday, June 19, 2010

Uh-oh, I'm getting behind...

...I suppose that is bound to happen now that we ride pretty much constantly : ).

1. Tuesday, June 8th
Gordon and Jill
Home to CornerBooth Media and back

2. Saturday, June 12th
Gordon and Jillian
Home to downtown and the Farmer's Market
(Bought some fabulous fresh produce)

3. Sunday, June 13th
Gordon, Jill, Amanda, and Sean
Full length of the Fish Lake Trail

4. Monday, June 14th
Gordon, John Henry, Sean
SoLo to 37th via High Drive

5. Monday, June 14th
Gordon and Jill
Home to Herbal Essence Grill and back
Green Drinks Board Meeting

6. Saturday, June 17th
Gordon, Jill, John Henry
South Hill: West 9th to Rockwood Bakery and back
Gordon and John on the new community tandem. : )

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