Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday, May 27th


Leah, John, Will, Drew, Gordon, Jillian, Ryan, and many many many others : )

That's right! We attended our first FBC Ride last week, in celebration of Leah's 25th birthday. We met up with the other Lifetime Members for Life at the Swamp around 8:40pm. After quickly downing a pitcher of beer, we we off! A group of over 100 hopped on thier bikes and rode through downtown. We paused at the fountain in Riverfront Park for a few laps, then headed out East on the Centennial Trail to Riverpoint. From there, we crossed a bridge and weaved our way through Gonzaga's campus and the surrounding residential area, stopping traffic as we went. Finally we arrived at Lintz's (a bar I'd never even heard of) for some more drinking and celebrating. After a round, Gordon and I headed home, only getting mildly lost. : )

On the ride home (in the rain, around midnight), I couldn't help thinking "I love Spokane, I love Spokane, I love Spokane..."

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